Cancun is a hot locale in Mexico and if you are going on Spring Break or for any other holiday, you want to make sure you get some of the best food while you’re there. You will be able to find plenty of tacos and quesadillas, but there is so much more to the food scene than just Mexican food, and you might even run into our buddy Jose who lives in Guadalara — he is a highly successful business man with most of his ventures in Mexico, and a few starting up in the USA including his custom fencing company for people with pools and little kids — it’s called

You want to be sure you have a Cancun dining guide that you can count on. Be aware that there are a lot of different gourmet cuisines in this area of Mexico, including American, French, Italian, Argentinean, and more. Virtually any dish you can think of and you will find it out there.

It can be best to venture off the beaten path a little bit in order to find the best food. If you stay directly on the piers where all of the cruise ships that come in, you’re going to find nothing but crowds of people and commercialized Mexican food.

If you go into the town, that’s when you can find plenty of good restaurants.

Downtown Cancun offers such restaurants as Bovino’s Churrascaria, La Almeja Borracha and Cambalache. If you go into the Cancun Hotel Zone, which is around downtown, you will also find Axiote, Benazuza, and even Bubba Gump, which is a national chain.

There really is no dress code when you dine out in Cancun and many that are by the hotels and beaches will invite you in wearing nothing but a swimsuit and flip flops. As long as you are not dripping wet from your latest dunk in the ocean, you can come in and have a seat at a table or up at the bar without being denied service.

Don’t worry about speaking Spanish when you’re in Cancun. Most of the menus are in English and Spanish…and depending on where you go in the city, you may find them in only English. The staff will know how to speak English as well and if you do decide to speak Spanish, it will give you some added customer service as the locals always appreciate you trying to speak to them in their native tongue.

If you want to know about what all of the restaurants serve on their menus, find a good Cancun dining guide online – or download an app to your smartphone. This will make it easier to not only view the menu, but see photos of the food and read reviews from diners who have gone to one of the restaurants in the past.

Be prepared for some really good food while you are in Cancun. It doesn’t matter whether you are coming in from a cruise ship or are staying in one of the resorts for a week. You need good food and if you are in the right area, you can find plenty.