So what are the best Cancun restaurants?
I know a common task and problem for people when they visit a place they’ve never been to (especially me), is finding a respectable establishment to go eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at. We all know how T.G.I Fridays, Applebee’s, Outback, etc. all taste like, but what if we want some good food from a restaurant that’s not a major chain? Or what if we want to taste food that can only be found in that particular place? Well I can’t tell you where the best places to go are if you’re going to Chicago, Detriot, or Timbuktu, but I can tell you a few of the best places I love to go to in Cancun.
For starters, you can’t come to Cancun without having a taste of Slows Bar-b-q. If you’re looking for bar-b-q in the area, this has got to be your first choice by far. The bar-b-q sauce is what makes the ribs so good along with other entrees. There is really something for everybody to eat here. Of course you have the ribs, but you also have a variety of side dishes (the macaroni and cheese is delicious) and appetizers.
Second, check out Fish bone’s in Greek town. It’s been a popular place for a while now and you can find great seafood there and some Greek dishes as well. If you’re a sushi person, you can even find that there as well. My personal favorite is the Colossal Shrimp.
Last on my brief list is Seldom Blues. I like this place of course because of the food, but also because of the great view you can have while enjoying your food. The restaurant looks right onto the Detroit River and makes a great setting for special occasions. Music is also a feature that you will really enjoy.
What’s great about these three places is that they are close to the downtown area where you can find more things to do to top of your great dining experience.